Special Announcement! – What Are You Doing Sunday Night?

ACN on Celebrity ApprenticeSince you obviously use computers, you have shown an interest in technology, and if you are like most people and have a cell phone or home phone, you know how important telecommunications is in our daily lives.

With that said, do you know who the largest direct seller of telecommunications products and services in the world is?

Who Is It?

Well, on Sunday night, The Celebrity Apprentice reality TV show with Donald Trump will be featuring the company behind the Video Phone, ACN … also known as the largest direct seller of telecommunications products and services in the world.

Watch The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC this Sunday, March 27, 2011 (9pm/8pm Central). The two-hour episode will showcase ACN and the IRIS 5000 Video Phone to an audience of millions.

Even if you have already heard about ACN before, and can see through the reality TV antics, I’m confident you will discover that ACN is a serious company with serious products most of you already use everyday.

It’s now Sunday and I just saw the show. If you want to find out which team won (the men or women) as well as who got fired, you can probably catch a repeat.

If you would like to see how you can either make money or save money with ACN, tune in on NBC this Sunday night, 27March at 9pm/8pm Central, and then visit http://www.HomeServicesHawaii.com.

If you want us to send you more information, please visit http://www.NixTheRatRace.com and fill in your name and email.

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