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Google Web Master Tools Site Verification

[button style=”tick” color=”#222226″ border=”#000000″]Premium[/button] Hopefully your computer has remained spyware free so you can get down to using it for business and pleasure without any headaches. Many of our customers are home and small business owners and some only have “one” computer.  With internet threats on the rise more than ever before, these businesses are very vulnerable by having only one computer, because it can quickly become a critical weak point if it gets infected. So press-on with your education about spyware prevention with our spyware prevention tips and never let your shields down!

For all the business types with Websites. You probably heard that these days, you need a WordPress Blog, and you also signed-up for Facebook and Twitter, but it hasn’t exploded your business yet. Well, now that you have conquered the spyware problem (for now), have you checked how your website ranks in Google lately? If you aren’t getting ranked or are just getting low rankings, you should check to see if your site has even been verified by Google. Once verified, you can analyze some important information Google has compiled about your site using Google Webmaster Tools, and it is free of course. Sure, there are other analytics tools out there, but the more information you can measure about the performance of your site, the better prepared you will be to target your efforts on the details that need improvement. There are a few different ways to get your site verified by Google, but the text below outlines the method I used. You will have to read between the lines and get the details from each of the websites themselves. If you are internet savvy, it might just be self-explanatory.

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