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How to Make Quality Video Calls without a Computer

Most people have heard of Skype and other Instant Messaging programs that can share video in real time. They are so easy to use that my 10 yr old daughter just skyped me yesterday. Only these programs have one very weak link in common, they all rely on a healthy computer.

I have many military family customers that depend on services such as Skype to stay in touch with Mom or Dad in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places around the world. They come to us to repair their computers, mostly from infections, and have to miss a few calls to their loved ones. Sadly, internet connected PC computers are extremely vulnerable to viruses and malware. Most average  PC users have had a brush with malware by now, and know it can negatively affect your internet experience, not to mention, completely break your computer.

So what can you do? Well, I am going to tell you about another option to use your internet connection to make quality video phone calls without using your computer, so you don’t have to worry about viruses. You probably heard of digital phone service from your DSL or Cable Company, or Vonage. Well, they are not the only companies out there.

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There is one company that was founded in 1993, who is now the largest direct seller of telecommunications and home services in the the world. For several years now, they have been selling an affordable solution for making video calls with a “real” phone, not a computer. You get a real phone number (you can even port in your existing phone number) which you can use to send and receive unlimited voice and video calls (both ends must have compatible video phones for video calls). You can use it to replace your existing phone service as you can use it 24/7. This is no MagicJack that plugs into your computer.

IRIS 5000 Video Phone

The future of video phones is now! It is a gadget that will eventually find its way into every household much like regular telephones, TVs and microwaves. Until recently, our high-speed internet infrastructure was not up to par to handle the bandwidth required for the worldwide migration to video phones. While video phones have been around for several years now, today has never been better to get one in your household, because one company has just launched their newest model today (29Jul2010).

It got me excited because we are going to get an extra one to send overseas so we can make free unlimited international calls. They will actually have a phone with the same area code as ours. Imagine that! And they can call anyone else in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam with the North America plan, and there are other country plans you can do this with also.

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Don’t let the Hawaii name fool you, these phones are officially being used in 21 countries already, but the headquarters is based in the Unites States.


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