We Have Moved to ComputerAfterCare.com

computreraftercare.comThank you for visiting SpywarePreventionGuy.com, but as you may have noticed, I haven’t updated this blog in some time. That is because I have been focusing my efforts on another website named ComputerAfterCare at http://computeraftercare.com.

You will find that I am still very much into prevention of computer problems, but not just for spyware prevention, but for all sorts of computer problems through regular, preventive maintenance. You will find more videos on how to actually perform some very quick daily maintenance tasks, all the way through, weekly, monthly, quarterly maintenance and so on. It is still “NOT” my aim to make anybody into a technician, but to just prod you to get involved with some simple tasks that will help your computer to run better, faster, and more reliably.


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