Malware Removal – ESET Rogue Antivirus Cleaner

Rogue CleanerRogueAV Cleaner is a free Standalone Malware Removal Tool from ESET that is designed to remove “specific” Rogue Antivirus Programs. It is a very small program that can be downloaded and run very quickly, but is only effective for specific infections such as those listed under the video below.

Please Comment How This Tool Worked For You

I would appreciate if you would comment how this tool worked for you as I only recently discovered it. Whether it worked or not, I would like to know. Please also note which rogue antivirus program you were trying to remove as well.

I suggest you run it in the Safe Mode for best results (Press F8 when booting up). If you have only one computer and are having problems with the internet, I suggest you download the file in “Safe Mode with Networking”. The download page for this tool is at: View the brief video below for a tutorial how to download and run this tool.

RogueAV  Malware List

Below is a list of Rogue Antivirus Programs that RogueAV Cleaner may help you with. This list may get outdated, so visit for the latest list.

* Win32/Adware.AdvancedCleaner
* Win32/Adware.AntiMalwareGuard
* Win32/Adware.Antispy2008
* Win32/Adware.AntiSpyware2008
* Win32/Adware.AntiSpywareProtector
* Win32/Adware.Antivirus1
* Win32/Adware.Antivirus2008
* Win32/Adware.AntiVirusAgentPro
* Win32/Adware.AntiVirusPro
* Win32/Adware.BPSSpywareRemover
* Win32/Adware.BugDoctor
* Win32/Adware.DoctorAntivirus
* Win32/Adware.ExpressAntivirus
* Win32/Adware.FileFixProfessional2009
* Win32/Adware.IntelinetSmartSecurity
* Win32/Adware.InternetAntivirus
* Win32/Adware.MalwareDefender2009
* Win32/Adware.MSAntispyware2009
* Win32/Adware.MSAntivirus
* Win32/Adware.Netcom3Cleaner
* Win32/Adware.PerfectDefender.F
* Win32/Adware.PerfectDefender2009
* Win32/Adware.PowerAntivirus.E
* Win32/Adware.PrivacyComponents
* Win32/Adware.PrivacyGuard
* Win32/Adware.RegistrySmart
* Win32/Adware.SaferScan
* Win32/Adware.SecureExpertCleaner
* Win32/Adware.SpamNuker
* Win32/Adware.SpyKillerPro
* Win32/Adware.SpyProtector.A
* Win32/Adware.SpywareCease
* Win32/Adware.SpywareExpert
* Win32/Adware.SpywareFighter
* Win32/Adware.SpywareGuard
* Win32/Adware.SpywareIsolator
* Win32/Adware.SpywareProtect2009
* Win32/Adware.SpywareRemover
* Win32/Adware.SysAntivirus
* Win32/Adware.SystemSecurity
* Win32/Adware.ThreatNuker
* Win32/Adware.TotalDefender
* Win32/Adware.TotalVirusProtection
* Win32/Adware.TZSpywareRemover
* Win32/Adware.VirusAlarmPro
* Win32/Adware.VirusDoctor
* Win32/Adware.VirusIsolator
* Win32/Adware.VirusMelt
* Win32/Adware.VirusRemover
* Win32/Adware.VirusRemover2008
* Win32/Adware.VirusTrigger
* Win32/Adware.WinAntiVirus
* Win32/Adware.WinFixer.AB

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