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Resources for How to Fix Blue Screens

bsod_smBlue Screens are definitely a show stopper when using Windows, whether they were caused by Windows registry or system file corruption, software conflicts, outdated or corrupt drivers, and even spyware infections. Since the system freezes when you get a Blue Screen, the mouse and keyboard will not respond and all you can do is shutdown and restart the PC with the power button.

If you have read my previous posts about bad shutdowns, you know that repeated bad shutdowns can cause your hard drive to develop file system errors and even bad sectors. Hopefully you can restart your PC in a way that it won’t Blue Screen right away, such as in the Safe Mode, and then you can begin troubleshooting.

The following video will give you some insight directly from Microsoft about how to fix blue screens. While it is primarily for Windows 7, the techniques pretty much apply for any version of Windows, although some features may not be available on older Windows versions.

View Blue Screen on Windows 7 on YouTube

The following 2 links contain info mentioned in the video.


What Causes a Blue Screen

What Causes a Blue Screen is Not Always Spyware Related

bsodMost anybody who uses Windows has probably seen a Blue Screen after Windows experienced a critical error, but not many consumers know what causes a Blue Screen. Its true that Spyware and other malware infections can cause a variety Blue Screens of Death, or BSODs as we call them, but corrupted or outdated drivers can also cause a BSOD. There are hundreds, if not thousands of software and hardware issues that can cause a Blue Screen.

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4 Tips to Avoid the Blue Screen of Death

bsod-circleOnce in a while, a Windows PC can suddenly experience a Blue Screen of Death or BSOD as we call it.  In fact, it just happened to a computer I was working on yesterday. It was an older Sony Laptop, a miniature laptop very similar to the ones we call Netbooks now, except this one had a built-in DVD Drive. I had completely reloaded Windows using the Recovery CDs and all was going very smoothly until I installed a major Windows Update known as Service Pack 3 or SP3 for short. I got a BSOD upon the first restart after the update was finished.

The scenario with my old Sony Laptop is not the cause of all Blue Screens, but is an example of a “real” situation to illustrate how Windows Updates can cause a Blue Screen. By default, these Updates are installed Automatically, so these types of problems can appear suddenly without any warning or cause on your part. Read More Here…


Is My Blue Screen Caused by a Virus or Spyware?

What is the Blue Screen of Death

Have you ever seen the infamous Blue Screen of Death, otherwise known as a BSOD, like the one below? A BSOD is a critical error that can be caused by viruses, spyware, incompatible software, and hardware failures.

Stop 0x0a Blue Screen of Death, BSOD

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