SpywareBlaster Review

SpywareBlaster is a passive internet security program from the folks at Javacool Software. With all the malicious websites just waiting like a venus flytrap for an unsuspecting internet surfer to browse by, everybody needs this program.

SpywareBlaster is primarily free, but they do offer the automatic updates option for a small fee, although there is a way to get automatic updates for free. Manual updating is very easy, but you have to remember to do it.

SpywareBlaster main page

Main Page (click for larger image)

Today’s threats such as drive-by downloads makes SpywareBlaster a must-have addition to your arsenal of protection. The goal here is preventing spyware from being installed on your computer in the first place, and this is what SpywareBlaster is all about.

SpywareBlaster provides passive protection for both Internet Explorer and Firefox internet browsers by essentially blocking known bad websites, active-x controls and cookies. At my last count, there were 13,574 items in its database.

Although SpywareBlaster restricts the actions of these dangerous web sites, it does not interfere with the “good” websites. And since SpywareBlaster is a passive program, it doesn’t need to be running to protect your computer. As such, it works well alongside other antispyware programs with virtually no negative side-effects.

spywareblaster protection status

Protection Status (click for larger image)

SpywareBlaster also has other built-in tools for tweaking your browser settings. While these settings are optional, you might want to at least take a peek.

spywareblaster tools

Tools (click for larger image)

Using SpywareBlaster is very easy, you just install it, keep it updated, and enable the protection. From there, it just works! You can view the video below for a quick presentation about how to download, install and run SpywareBlaster on your computer.

SpywareBlaster can be downloaded at:

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