News 10 Report eMail Scam

Another eMail Scam

I find one of these “News 10 Report” emails sitting in my junk mail folder almost every week. It is an outright scam so just delete it. You might even see variations of it like News 7 Report, etc.

News 10 Report Scam

One thing they do that makes it appealing are the geo-targeting scripts that can actually insert “your town name” in the title, making it very appealing to some people. The internet seems so big and anonymous, that hearing about someone nearby just like you succeeding with their work at home program makes it seem possible all of the sudden. But think again, and don’t click on that ad. All I know is that these scammers prey on people in need, so don’t get your hopes up, just delete it.

Anyway, I won’t get in much more detail here other than to tell you it is a scam because another blogger wrote a very detailed and technical description of this scam at

It is interesting though that nobody seems to know who investigative reporter Shannon Fitzgerald is. The woman in the picture above is probably just a model who never realized that her picture would end up being used in a scam. Anyway, if you see a picture “similar” to the one above, I would delete it immediately.

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