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Ascentive PC Speedscan Pro Review – aka and

Ascentive is at again, they keep moving around from town to town like snake-oil salesmen selling their PC Speedscan Pro software. They actually have a whole portfolio of products, and while I haven’t reviewed each one individually, I have seen enough to know that this company is walking a thin-line between being a scam or not.


After running the FREE PC Speedscan Pro software, it will need to download additional Ascentive software to attempt to repair the issues it detected. It makes me wonder if placebos work with computers.

Their software is not completely fraudulent, as it has some level of effectiveness, but I’m sure you heard of the broken clock that was right twice a day. Anyway, it does get picked-up as a rogue infection by a very reputable anti-malware product I use everyday called Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, among others. See the screenshot below:



(click for larger image)

I mentioned before that these guys move around like snake-oil salesmen. They also promote their products with different website names such as and

A Few Free Alternatives to Ascentive

So if you are looking to diagnose your computer for problems, and you were looking for the free option, I would recommend the products below. Each link will take you to another page on our website with video tutorials on how to download, install and run these programs. The speeding up videos us built-in Windows tools.

ESET Nod32 Free 30 Day Trial

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


Speeding Up Vista

Speeding Up XP

I have to say though that when it comes to diagnosing and repairing computer problems, that I never blindly start installing any program without first checking Windows Event Viewer logs, Antivirus history, Msconfig, Services, Minidumps, and manually browsing through the Registry and a variety of files and folders. Then I will choose what medicine to administer.

Sorry, but I can’t help you much with the technical approach unless you want to come to Hawaii and be my intern for a year or so. There are just too many basics to learn first and then the advanced stuff.

Warning When Installing Security Software

I will leave you with this tidbit, DO NOT install another Antivirus program without FIRST removing the old one. Doing so could cause you to have a new problem that could be just as bad as actually being infected, and if you are already infected, you will have a double whammy! The same goes for Firewalls and “Active” Antispyware programs, although the negative results are usually not as severe. “Active” means it is running all the time, not just when you choose to open it, and they are usually “paid” products, unless you are running a trial of a paid product.

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